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chris blakley

Chris Blakley

Chris Blakley is an instrumental rock guitarist, composer, producer, teacher, performer and sound engineer.

Chris Blakley’s abilities as musical artist go well beyond just his stunning guitar skills. Chris is formally trained, has studied with several well-known professional guitarists, and holds an Associate’s Degree in Music. His deep understanding of music theory has enabled Chris to become a dynamic, stylistic and diverse composer. His keen compositional sense and distinct technique create instrumentals that speak to listeners and convey thoughts, emotions and imagery.

Phone: 435-229-5662
Price: $120/month
Hours: Monday-Saturday



An accomplished musician, Patrick Worley has been playing guitar for over half his life.  Soon after picking up this instrument, he decided to make his life's work the exciting task of making good music founded in knowledge and understanding of music theory. It is this outlook on music that has enabled Patrick to develop into an award winning, multi-faceted artist.

Phone: 256-714-1417
Price: $130/month
Hours: Wednesday