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This hardshell guitar case from Road Runner is designed to fit most mandolins. The molded case has a non-scratch, thicker pile, plush-lined interior and padded neck brace with 2 accessory compartmentsone covered and one open. To give extra protection to your special instrument, the exterior is a hardened, roadworthy shell. Other features include a tongue-and-groove valance, rubber feet, 3 riveted latchesthe middle one has a lock & key mechanismand an offset handle for easier transportation. The soft, plush interior protects your mandolin from scratches and nicks, plus Road Runner uses a special, eco-friendly, dye-free material, which eliminates the release of polluting bi-products into the environment.Roadworthy, molded hardshell case Non-scratch, thicker pile plush-lined interior cradles your guitar Oversized accessory compartment Padded neck brace Designed to accommodate most mandolins Locking latch Tongue-and-groove valance Offset handle for better balance during transport Riveted latch closures designed to take years of abuse