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Vater Front Ensemble Xylophone / Bell Rubber Medium Mallets

The V-FEXB32RM is designed for use by both the Indoor & Outdoor Front Ensembles.

Full 1 1/8" round rubber heads that produce a rich full sonorities from whichever instruments they are used on. Great for keyboards, wood blocks and various percussion instruments. These mallets offer a great alternative to the yarn sound.

Birch is a strong and durable wood that offers a firm feel and it’s the most popular shaft for Marimba, Xylophone and Bell Mallets. The Front Ensemble Series feature 11/32" shafts (designed for strength).

• Balanced implements that generate focused, rich and full-bodied tones.
• Hand matched for size, weight and sound.
• All wrapped mallets have a uniform look.
• A complete selection of mallets that show their versatility at all dynamic levels in all Front Ensemble Settings.

The V-FEXB32RM is 16-3/4" long with 1-1/8" Round Rubber Brown Head.