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PAISTE 101 Brass Universal Cymbal Set (14/16/20) + 14

Paiste 101 Brass cymbals are made from a selected and especially sonorous brass copper-based alloy. This Universal Set includes 14" hi-hats, 16" crash, and a 20" ride.

Paiste employs modern, hi-tech production techniques in its German production facility for the manufacture of affordable cymbals with outstanding quality. The company utilizes its extensive Swiss-based knowhow and successfully transfers the essence of hand manufacture principles to modern, technical production. Paiste is a pioneer in this field, based on its 25 year experience with production of cymbals based on technology and automation.


- Size: 14 in.
- Weight: medium top / medium heavy bottom
- Volume: medium soft to medium loud
- Stick sound: dry, pronounced
- Intensity: lively
- Sustain: medium
- Chick sound: soft, tight
- Sound character: Medium bright, clean, focused. Narrow range, fairly clean mix. Even, balanced feel. Bright, full, controlled open sound. Mellow, defined chick sound. Controllable hi-hat for all-round playing.


- Size: 16 in.
- Weight: medium
- Volume: medium soft to medium loud
- Stick sound: fairly washy
- Intensity: lively
- Sustain: medium short
- Bell character: integrated
- Sound character: Fairly dark, full, focused. Medium range, clean mix. Even, responsive feel, explosive attack. A versatile crash for all-purpose playing.