Bundy BFL-300 Flute Closed Hole, Offset G, C Foot

Bundy BFL-300 Flute Closed Hole, Offset G, C Foot


A staple of band programs for beginning flute players.

Bundy is one of the most familiar student model wind instruments, and the Bundy BFL-300 is is a fine option for anyone considering a student flute. Bundy dominated the school wind instrument market beginning in the 1960s and Bundy remains a dominant player today.

Bundy's construction and design are born of a culture of fine instrument manufacturing. The attention to detail present in Bundy BFL-300 silver-plated flute makes it a superb choice for new players. The BFL-300 is made with a plateau-style keys and an offset G key for maximum playability, especially for young musicians whose hands might have trouble managing many standard flute design concepts.

For the beginning flute player, the Bundy BFL-300 is an excellent value. The design of this flute helps it produce a sweet, dark tone, while the stainless steel springs help it stay adjusted. The silver-plated finish not only looks nice but is very durable as well.


  • Premium-quality double skin pads

  • Stainless steel screw mechanism

Technical Specifications

Bundy BFL-300 Flute

  • Model Number: BFL-300

  • Key: C

  • Key Style: Plateau (Closed Hole)

  • Key System: Offset G

  • Body Finish: Silver-plated

  • Key Finish: Silver-plated

  • Headjoint, Body, and Footjoint Material: Nickel

  • Key Arm Type: Y-arms

  • Foot Joint: C-foot

  • Case: ABS Plastic Case

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